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In the year 1979 AD, the first steps of Astar International Company started in the heart of the city of Najran in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on the principle of teamwork to build a promising future for its customers and the entire community! Astar International Company is one of the joint stock companies in the field of contracting, and the field of selling building materials in the Kingdom, as its activities and services have expanded from Najran to the Kingdom. The teamwork founders have done well, with good results. Believe it, we can reach the highest quality!

Years of Experience

We Accomplished More Than 5000 Projects In The Past 30 Years

In the past period, we accomplished 1000 projects within the Kingdom and 400 projects around the world



Best Equipment

Best Engineers And Technicians

Our special services

Our Services

Project Management

Integrated engineering design works (Architectural - Structural - Electricity - Sanitary Mechanics) and is carried out by a group of consultant engineers.

Restoration Of Buildings

Establishments restoration and consolidation works, starting with repairing and strengthening the structural elements such as bases, columns, and roofs, ending with building renovation, architectural renewal, including specialized industrial installations and all metal works.

Medical Devices

We equip hospitals with all their medical devices and supplies

Design & Constructions

Construction and finishing works for all residential and commercial buildings, starting from excavation through finishing works, electrical, mechanical and sanitary works, integrated supervision of implementation and receipt of work to ensure the quality of construction at the lowest costs.

Waterproofing And Isolating Tanks

The isolation of tanks is considered one of the important types of waterproofing that it is necessary to resort to. The engineering company provides the service of isolating the tanks, and the isolation of tanks is divided into two parts according to the position of the structural component.


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